Sioux Falls


Premier Bank/SF Specialty Hospital Overtimers 2024

2024 Overtimers Rules

  First Premier Bank and Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital
  Over 50 Sioux Falls Softball League

Other than these amendments all rules will follow the USA Rule Book

Over 50 Sioux Falls amendments to USA Softball rules: 


  Equalization Rule: 

  • Frisbee’s will be allowed to play with up to 12 players in the field against all other league teams.  However, if Frisbee’s is using any pickup players they will be limited to 11 players in the field.  This was agreed upon by all at the manager’s meeting on March 21, 2024.

  Pickup Players:

  •  Teams may play with up to 11 players in the field and have unlimited players in the batting order.
  •  If a team has 10 players, they may pick up one player from other teams in league to get them to 11 players.
  •  If a team has 9 players, they may pick up 2 players from other teams in the league to get them to 11 players.
  •  No team may pick up more than 2 players for any one game.
  •  Teams can play with as few as 8 players.
  •  If a team plays with 8, the 9th and 10th batting positions are outs.
  •  If a team plays with 9, the 10th batting position is an out.
  •  No outs are taken if team plays with 10 or more players in the lineup.
  •  Teams shall not use pickup players in place of rostered players who are available and able to play.
  •  Substitute players must come from the Sioux Falls Over 50 league.

  Pinch Runners:

  •  A pinch runner can run for any batter – either from home or after the batter has safely reached base.
  •  A player can only pinch run once per inning.
  •  Pinch runners need to be a registered player from the Sioux Falls Over 50 league.
  •  Pinch runners do not need to be in the lineup but must listed as a substitute in the scorebook.



  Substitute Players:

  •  A player who is late to the game after it has started can be added to the roster as a substitute player or as an additional player at the bottom of the lineup.
  •  The team can add that player to the bottom of the team’s respective batting order. The original batting order cannot change except for adding that batter to the bottom of the order.
  •  If a player comes in as a substitute, he will replace the player he is substituting for and will bat in that position.  The original player can no longer enter the game, unless re-entering in the same spot in the lineup.   A player can re-enter one time.


  •  Three home runs (over the fence) per team maximum per game.  Any subsequent home run hit over the fence becomes a single.
  •  The single inning run limit will still be 5 runs unless in the unlimited inning.  A ball hit over the fence counts towards the team’s three home run limit – even if the hitter cannot score due to the 5 run/inning limit.
  •  Batter must be in the batter’s box for pitch to count.
  •  Batter count will start with a one ball/one strike count.
  •  Batted ball that hits the pitching net is a dead ball and no strike or foul is called.


  •  Pitcher shall pitch the ball within 5 seconds of retrieval of ball.
  •  Pitcher’s foot must be touching the rubber during release of the pitch.
  •  Pitcher can pitch the ball when batter is in the batter’s box.
  •  Pitch must clear the top of the net.
  •  Pitched ball must touch the rubber mat in some fashion, including corners and sides, to be recorded as a strike.
  •  Pitched ball hitting net is a dead ball and no strike or foul is called.


  •  Runner must “break the plane” of the chalk line located to the side of home plate to score a run.  Foot does not need to hit the ground before ball is caught.
  •  Any runner who touches home plate instead of the chalk line will be called out.

  Chalk Lines:

  •  Pinch runner for batter at home must start behind chalk line located behind the umpire.
  •  Any batter who has a pinch runner and runs past the chalk line midway down the first base line on the way to first base will be out.
  •  Any runner who has passed the commitment line from 3rd base to home cannot return to 3rd base.  This is a force out at home plate and no tag is necessary.
  •  Any runner who retreats to 3rd base after crossing the commitment line is out.

  Run Limits:

  • Maximum of 5 runs per inning in innings 1-5 unless game is in the last inning.
  • The last inning is the open inning and unlimited runs can be scored.

  Time Limit: 

  •  Scoreboards and/or umpire watch are the official time limits for games.
  •  When the 55-minute time limit is reached, the next inning to start will be the open and final inning.  Unlimited runs can be scored in the open inning.
  •  If there is any time left on the clock when the 3rd out is recorded, the next inning starts.

  Extra Innings:

  •  No extra innings for regular season games. Games will end in ties when either the 7th inning has been completed or the time limit has expired.
  •  Extra innings will be utilized during the end of the year tournament.

  Continued for 2024:

  •  League has eliminated the flip/flop mandate for 2024.
  •  League has eliminated the intentional walk rule. A batter who is walked must take first base.