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2024 Men's Softball News

Start Dates and Ball Handouts

Thursday: 4/25
Monday: 4/29
Tuesday: 4/30
Wednesday: 5/1
Ball pickup is 4/17 and 4/18 starting at 5:30.
4/17 is also the cutoff day to get paid up or the league fee is an extra $100!


Upcoming Umpire Registration


We are having umpire registration for Fastpitch and Slowpitch Umpires on 4/3 @ 6:30pm, 4/10 @ 6:30pm and 4/13 at 1:00pm in the SEFSA building in Sioux Falls, located at 605 S Watson, Suite 100.

Chuck Buchheim

Upcoming Meeting and Payment Information


Manager Meetings Dates are now in the books.  These meetings will take place at the new BB’s Location, 5400 W. University Trail.

1st Meeting – February 28th, 7:00PM – Agenda will include voting for 2 board member spots currently held by Brad Tyler and Jeff Oltmanns ( Buddha ).  If you are interested in running for the board, please contact Aaron Hall ( 605-251-4135 ) or  Joe Lewellen ( 605-204-0304 ).  You may also contact us via Facebook messenger @ .  Each team will have one representative to vote.  Otherwise, bring any questions you may have.

2nd Meeting – March 27th – Agenda TBD after February meeting.

Teams will need to add an extra $100 if they pay after ball handouts this year, April 27th. Please see below for more registration information.

Registration for 2024 is OPEN (click me)


 – There will be a section for frequently asked questions up soon.  We will be building it as we go this year.

 – League fees for 2024 are:
     – $1200 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
     – $1300 Thursday
     – $700 Thursday Overtimers

 – With the league fee increase, we are also increasing umpire pay.  If you are interested in officiating, please contact:

    Eric Stowell @ 605-520-5329


    Chuck Buchheim @ 605-270-2879

2024 Season Changes


– Game times for 2024 are reverting back to 6:30, 7:20, 8:10 and 9:00.  Additionally, we are shortening game time to 50 minutes + 1 inning down from 55 minutes plus one.  The goal is to get people to the fields and ready to play on time as well as get everyone home at a decent hour. 

– Given some comments and events from last year, we have decided to drop the number of Thursday players allowed per team on Wednesday to two.  Monday will remain at 1 and Tuesday will remain at 2.

 – There is a new national rule on ejections.  It is as follows:

Rule 4, Section 8B An ejected participant must leave the grounds and have no contact with the umpires or participants in the game
and is suspended for one additional game. The ejected participant is restricted from having contact with the team and is not permitted to sit in the stands, dugout, or general locality of the next game. The ejected participant may appeal the one game suspension to the Championship Protest Committee.

Sioux Falls Men’s Slow Pitch will be operating under this rule for 2024 and are meeting weekly to discuss ejections this year.  We are all adults, and players will be expected to behave accordingly.  Additional rule changes for USA Softball are highlighted in red at (PDF )


2025 Mens D National Tournament will be held in Sioux Falls!

 – Details as they come.


We need each manager to complete this process before their first games. Log in to your account on our website using your user I.D. and password. This will take you to your team Dashboard. Click Team at the top of the page. Then click Roster. Then Finalize Roster. If you have a couple teams signed from last year and then this year, you may have to click on your 2024 team from the drop box. Invite players thru email. Please only invite 1 player at a time. Your roster from last year may be there as well. Put a check by the players you want back from last year and if their emails haven’t changed, it should email them again for you and save you some steps. If you have questions, please text 605-929-7859.

Thanks, Buddha

You may also download the Playbook Connect app and manage your team through that:
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