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2020 Board Election Candidates

By Jordan Gillis, 11/05/20, 11:45PM CST


Meet the Candidates

Jeff ‘Buddha’ Oltmanns


Hello gentlemen,
It is my intention to run for a Sioux Falls Men’s Slowpitch board position again this year.  I thoroughly enjoy interacting with everyone and working to keep our league strong as we try improve it from year to year!  My passion for the sport has never been stronger as I do run and play on a Thursday night league team and even get in some 50 plus team tournaments during the year.

I have served on the board for a total of 19 years.  17 years as the league President and most recently this past year as a Treasurer/Vice-President.  I have played and managed in the league for 30 years.  My personal back ground includes 20 years of management experience in Logistics with Target Corporation and in the past 8 years running my own business, Elite Lawn Care.  With the flexibility of running my own business I can make myself available to the league, its managers and players throughout each day.

This past year with Covid 19 we had many challenges for the league, even to just get the teams on the field but I am proud of the board members and new player reps who came together to and helped deliver and safe and successful season!
My strengths for the position are my experience, communication skills, a positive mindset, organizational skills, conflict resolution, a strong work ethic as well as a deep passion for the sport!

One area of improvement I realized a few years ago was for both myself and for the league was incorporating technology and trying to use all the social platforms that were available to us to help improve the communication in our league.  I was introduced to Jordan and asked him to help us in that area and he has done a phenomenal job ever since.
Over the past few years we have made positive changes to the league, not only on the communication side but also including allowing players to play multiple nights, letting teams start with 8 players, creating both a free agent list and teams, posting both manager profiles and nightly action shots on Facebook, manager of the year awards, adding player reps to each night and working closely with our head umpire to recruit, train and retain those umpires.

I am excited about the future of our league.  This years board worked tirelessly as a group together to deliver a Great softball experience for our teams, manages and fans!  Improvements for the upcoming year include putting up 2 new flag poles, replacing at least 4 old jock boxes, potentially adding batting cages and getting awnings over our bleachers.  Also having signing on our scoreboards and throughout the complex to help offset some of the cost for these improvements.

I would greatly appreciate your vote again for this upcoming election and I also appreciate the support you’ve shown me in the past years!

Sincerely, Jeff(Buddha) Oltmanns

Brad Tyler

Hi, I am Brad Tyler, I have enjoyed my time on the board, and hope you think I’ve earned your vote to continue growing this league.

When I ran for the board last time, I campaigned on 3 things:

Board transparency

More player and manager input

League growth

I feel strongly that I have helped the league grow in all these areas. For transparency I created the player rep role. One player from each division meets with the board throughout the year and is included on more decision making. This also dovetails into more player and manager input. I felt great that managers and teams were willing to open up to player reps about ideas or concerns, and those reps can quickly bring it to our attention.

I have helped communication from the league to players. We created a Slack channel that has steadily grown the past year and has had some great conversation.
League growth was a tough one this year. Jordan and I worked extremely hard on advertising our league and creating general interest. In January/February we were on track to add 8-10 teams this year. After the pandemic we did lose some, but were able to retain a large portion. We worked with any team that needed help, as many lost sponsors and needed more time paying.

I have worked extremely hard for this league in my time on the board and will continue to do so. I feel more than confident that I have earned another term to serve the league I love.


Robert ‘Bobby’ Miles

I hope that most of you know who I am, you know that I am loyal, you know that I am trustworthy, and you know the commitment I made this year to help Tuesday nights. I want you all to know that the same level of commitment I showed on Tuesdays are going to be put to all nights.

I have the opportunity to be nominated, I can assure you that I will do my best to provide the best ideas and do what is best for everyone, no matter what night you play on. I have played on every night of Sioux Falls softball, so I know the different intensity levels, the different agendas, and the different mentality it has to play each of those nights. To me, it’s about softball.

This is what makes Sioux fall softball so awesome, the managers, the umps, the players and fans. There is not another league in SD that has the community we do. I would like to help continue that. Thank you.

Josh Dougherty

Been involved with playing softball for the last 21 years. With 4 State Championships. Softball is my passion and there’s so much potential to help SF Softball I would like to help complete.

This league has been pretty stagnant for some time and it’s time for a change.  We need to abolish the “career” board members and bring in new blood with the fight to make the change, it’s that simple.

This is a re election campaign since I was wrongly voted off the board last year by people that wanted me off the board before I even got voted in.  A lady at the complex physically assaulted my 6 year old daughter and I was the one who “was in the wrong” for confronting her about it…I wasn’t aggressive or used foul language….. But was told they didn’t want the association to look bad……Makes alot of sense right…. Long story short the President of the league wouldn’t even give the police the name and phone number of the lady but instead voted me off to get rid of the problem.

I had many ideas which were to raise flag poles at the complex ( which is still getting completed by the help of my friends at the Veteran Motorcycle club), implementing an All Star Game In July ( which I had all formatted out, but nobody on the board would help me push). Also cheaper chiro practic and massage care for all players.  That along with many other things are things that can easily get done with the right people.  

Sponsorships were an idea from the board but instead of taking on the 2 sponsors I already had lined up. They decided to hire a person to try and get sponsorships and agreed to give him 50% of the money be brought in… Read that again, 50% of the money be brought in.   And about 30% going to the city which leaves the league with only 20%… This failed and not sure if any sponsors are even found…There needs to be a completely different path taken to give the LEAGUE the majority of the money and I’m willing to help with that.

I’m asking u to trust me In wanting to change and better this league. Was voted in last year by a majority vote cause you all know we all need a change as well and I’ll get the job done.  I ask u do this same and get this league back on track FOR THE PLAYERS…

Much Love,
JD #JusticeForKinley

Daryl Halling

My name is Daryl Halling. I have played and managed a team for about 11 years now. 2 years ago I started umping Monday and Tuesday nights. 

I am running for the board because I am passionate about softball. I enjoy bring around the game and meeting new people thru the game. I feel as though I can bring fresh ideas from different points of view since I have played, managed and umped.

Some of the those ideas would be how to keep umpires and things to possibly help attract new ones. Also ideas to help attract younger players. The league has done a great job with the old timers league and keep the number of teams up but if the younger generation doesn’t keep playing we will lose more and more teams every year.

One of the things I would like to change immediately is board members playing softball on nights they are suppose to be running. I feel if you are getting paid to be a board member you shouldn’t be out of the field playing softball.