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Midseason Fun Tournament

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Introducing the first midseason tournament for Sioux Falls Mens Slowpitch. This tournament is open to teams that participate in our summer league.  This tournament is being created to offer local teams a great chance to play in a fun and open tournament where they can face off against other Sioux Falls teams over various levels.

To maximize the competition, this tournament will be a handicapped tournament. This means that teams of various levels top to bottom may be giving up runs and/or outs to create a element of parody and give every team what we believe will have a significant chance to win each match up. 


  • Play to lower teams’ home run limit
  • If teams combine to complete a roster, handicap/home run rules default to the higher rated team.
  • If player is on multiple league teams they can play both, but games may overlap. Games will not be held up to account for players playing on multiple teams.
  • Final handicap numbers will be decided after the tournament registration has closed on Friday July 9th, 2021 at Noon. The SFMSP board with help from the division player representatives will be determining the numbers. 
    • After the  tournament begins the tournament directors may adjust handicaps if its determined to be necessary as a last resort.


  • Pitching net at all times
  • If ball hits net it is the same as a foul ball
    • If 2 strikes already, then hitting net results in strikeout


  • Cost to register is $100 per team.
  • Registration closes July 9th, 2021.


If you have any questions reach out to Brad Tyler or call/txt 605-359-2961


Good luck!